How to Hire Node.js developers in Delhi

In this blog, we provide you all information on how to hire Node.js Developers in the Delhi region for your short-term and long-term projects.

How to Hire Node.js developers in Delhi


Node.js, a robust and adaptable JavaScript runtime, has emerged as a dominant force in global web development. Its architecture, designed around non-blocking and event-driven principles, facilitates the creation of highly scalable and efficient applications. This positions Node.js as the preferred framework for developing real-time web applications, APIs, and microservices. Particularly in the Indian IT sector, Node.js has gained substantial traction, with multiple companies, ranging from startups to established enterprises, embracing it as a fundamental element of their technological stack.

The scope of Node.js is expanding vastly, enticing companies to seek Node.js developers who align with their project needs. However, these companies encounter various challenges, such as long-term versus short-term hiring decisions, optimal hiring locations, suitable companies to engage with, and appropriate salary structures.

In India, the highest density of Node.js developers (21%) engaged in service companies is found in Delhi, while the second highest concentration (15%) of Node.js developers working within product companies is also located in Delhi. In this blog, our focus will be on discussing the process of recruiting Node.js developers in the Delhi region. Additionally, we've released related articles detailing the approach to hiring ReactJS developers in a separate blog.

Key Insights on Node.js talent in product companies based out of Delhi

  • The share of Node.js talent varies across companies and industries. For the companies analysed, we find it ranges from 5% to 15% of the total engineering workforce (this is relatively higher than the share of ReactJS developers).
  • According to our analysis, most of the Node.js talent in these companies is SDE2 and SDE3, with an experience of 2 to 6 years. This experience range typically shows that companies value developers who have moved past the beginner level and have actual hands-on experience working on projects, making them skilled at coming up with solutions and working well with their teams.
  • PayTM has the highest number of Node.js developers (241). It also has the highest number of Node.js developers at any designation (junior, mid-level and senior-level) amongst all the companies analysed. This indicates that PayTM is a good option to look for Node.js talent across all levels.

The blog is specifically designed to assist hiring managers in global product companies who are looking to hire Node.js talent from overseas markets.

Hiring Node.js Developers in Delhi: Approaches for Short-Term and Long-Term Employment

Companies have the flexibility to adopt distinct strategies when seeking Node.js developers, tailoring their approach based on the project's duration. 

Hiring Node.js developers on a contractual basis is mostly preferred for projects that require specific, short-term expertise or immediate solutions. These contractors might work on projects like building APIs for mobile applications, integrating payment gateways into e-commerce platforms, creating real-time chat applications, or implementing specific functionalities within larger systems. Their role is geared towards delivering results within a limited timeframe, making them ideal for tasks that demand agility and quick turnarounds.

Dedicated Node.js developers are usually involved in long-term projects that require a deep understanding of the technology and its ecosystem. They work on projects that demand sustained development, ongoing enhancements, and consistent maintenance. These developers are instrumental in building complex applications from the ground up, such as developing scalable backends for social media platforms, designing real-time collaborative tools, building data-intensive applications like analytics dashboards, and creating comprehensive e-commerce platforms. Their responsibilities encompass architecture design, feature development, performance optimization, security maintenance, and overall project evolution over an extended period.

Benefits of Engaging Dedicated Node.js Developers for Long-Term Projects

When planning to hire for long-term projects (extending beyond a year) involving Node.js, it is best to recruit a full-time, dedicated developer. In long-term engagements, the consistency that devoted Node.js developers offer fosters a strong bond with the project. They become intimately acquainted with the application's architecture, intricacies, and business logic, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with the project's evolving goals. Moreover, dedicated Node.js developers contribute to consistent code quality and adherence to best practices. They meticulously refactor and optimize the codebase, ensuring scalability, performance, and maintainability as the project expands. This approach minimizes technical debt and reduces the likelihood of encountering roadblocks in the future. Contractors might not stay around for all of that.

But finding the right dedicated developer talent can be difficult. You can look on websites like LinkedIn, ask around in developer groups, or use popular job websites like Naukri, but there are challenges to overcome in finding the right Node.js talent, including:

  • Selecting the relevant industry
  • Determining accurate salary expectations for the talent
  • Identifying the right companies to consider for hiring
  • Establishing a proper recruitment process

In the subsequent sections, we will shed light on some of these questions and explore how one can effectively navigate the Node.js talent pool while hiring a full time employee in the Delhi region.

Total Node.js Developers in Delhi

Our research shows that although the total number of Node.js developers in Delhi is over 54K, more than 95% of them are working in the services sector. As per our estimates, approximately 2,700 Node.js developers are working for various product companies in the Delhi, Gurugram and NCR regions. 

List of Product Companies that Hire Node.js Developers in Delhi

Here is a list of the product companies based in Delhi that hire Node.js Developers.

product companies based in Delhi that hire Node.js Developers.

We will now explore how the Node.js talent is distributed (by experience) across the top product companies (E.g., PayTM, Oyo, and Urban Company) mentioned in the above list. It's important to note that the analysis relies on data accessible up to 26th August 2023, and this landscape might shift due to the addition of new engineers and the departure of existing professionals within these companies.

Distribution of Node.js talent (by experience) in product companies

According to our analysis, the majority of Node.js developers within these Delhi-based companies hold positions at the SDE2 and SDE3 levels, with a professional experience of 2 to 6 years. This trend emphasizes the value that companies place on seasoned Node.js developers. This experience range typically shows that the developers have moved past the beginner level and have actual hands-on experience working on projects, making them skilled at coming up with solutions and working well with their teams. These experienced developers keep up with the latest trends, security measures, and improvements in the Node.js world. This means they're really good at solving problems and helping companies stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Salaries and Compensation

Following are the salary levels of Node.js Developers at Top Product Companies in the Delhi region.

salaries of Node.js developers in full-time roles in Delhi (INR)
salaries of Node.js developers in full-time roles in Delhi (USD)

On average, Node.js developers typically get annual salary hikes ranging from 10% to 25%, which are contingent on their individual performance and the company's policies. However, the extent of these appraisal increases can vary significantly based on the specific company and the candidate's performance, with exceptional performers sometimes receiving up to 60% increments.

When considering a job switch, candidates have the potential to negotiate for a salary hike between 15% and 60%, depending on their performance and the new company's policies. It is crucial to understand that these numbers can vary significantly and depend on a number of variables, including the candidate's experience, the company's financial situation, and the state of the labor market at the time of the transition.

Hiring Node.js Developers for Short-Term Projects

Global hiring managers looking to hire for short-term Node.js projects should go for freelancers or contractors. Here are some steps to find suitable candidates and effectively assess their skills:

Freelance Platforms

Start by researching prominent freelance platforms that host a diverse talent pool. These are some platforms to consider:

  1. Upwork
  2. Flexiple
  3. Toptal
  4. Turing
  5. Fiverr
  6. PeoplePerHour

Job Description Clarity

Clearly and concisely describe the project's scope, objectives, required skills, and expected deliverables in a job description. This will assist in attracting freelancers who are qualified for your project.

Search and Filters

Utilize filters on the freelance platform to refine your search. Specify skills (such as Node.js and JavaScript), location (Delhi), project budget, and duration.

Portfolio and Reviews

Examine the profiles and portfolios of the candidates. Consider the Node.js projects they have completed in the past that are pertinent. Consider client evaluations and ratings to evaluate the quality and professionalism of their work.

Proposal Assessment

Evaluate the proposal quality of the candidates. A well-written proposal demonstrates that the freelancer has taken the time to comprehend your project and possesses the necessary competencies.

Availability and Timelines

Ensure that the freelancers are available to work within the specified timeframe for the project. Short-term initiatives necessitate rapid turnarounds; therefore, their availability is essential.

Agreement and Payment

Once you've located the ideal freelancer, you should draft a contract that outlines project specifics, deliverables, timelines, payment terms, and any other pertinent information. Discuss the terms of the endeavor, the budget, and any specific requirements. Clarify expectations concerning the frequency of communication, updates, and revisions. Consider using escrow and milestone payment systems on platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. This ensures that payment is only issued when particular project milestones are met.

Ongoing Communication

Maintain regular communication with the freelancer throughout the project. Address any questions, provide feedback, and ensure that the project stays on track.

How to Hire Node.js Developers in Delhi

Here's a step-by-step guide on how global hiring managers can hire top Node.js developers in Delhi:

Define Your Requirements

Before you start the hiring process, clearly define your project requirements, including the scope, features, and technologies you need. This will help you identify the skills and experience required of Node.js developers.

Create a Job Description

Write a detailed job description that outlines the responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and experience you're looking for in a Node.js developer. Be specific about the type of projects they will work on and the technologies they should be familiar with.

Choose a Hiring Platform or Recruitment Agency

Decide where you'll post the job listing. You can use various platforms such as job boards (Naukri, Indeed, LinkedIn), freelance websites (Upwork, Freelancer), or tech-specific platforms (GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow Jobs). Alternatively, you can also choose to seek professional expertise from talent agencies such as Wisemonk.

Review Applications

As applications come in, review resumes and portfolios to shortlist candidates who match your criteria. Look for relevant experience, skills, and previous Node.js projects they've worked on.

Conduct Initial Interviews

Conduct phone or video interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Ask about their experience, technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and familiarity with Node.js and related technologies.

Technical Assessment

Conduct a technical assessment or coding test to assess the candidates' coding proficiency and grasp of Node.js. You can present them with a coding task that aligns with your project's requirements to gauge their aptitude for problem-solving. This stage holds significant importance, particularly for junior and mid-level developers. For senior developers, it's advisable to introduce such coding assessments in later stages of the interview process, as they may not be receptive to them initially.

In-person or Virtual Interviews

Invite the top candidates for an in-person or virtual interview. This can be a more in-depth technical interview where you discuss their past projects, architecture decisions, and how they handle challenges.

Assess Soft Skills and Cultural Fit

Assess the candidates' communication skills, teamwork, and how well they fit into your company culture. This step is crucial to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

Check References

Contact the references provided by the candidates to verify their work history and performance in previous roles.

Offer and Negotiation

Once you've identified the ideal candidate, extend a job offer. Be prepared to negotiate on salary, benefits, and other terms to reach an agreement that's beneficial for both parties.

Onboarding and Integration

Once the candidate accepts the offer, work on the onboarding process. Provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and access to start working on your projects seamlessly.

Set Expectations

Clarify the expectations, roles, and responsibilities right from the beginning. This will help create a clear understanding between you and the developer.

Continuous Feedback and Communication

Maintain open communication with your Node.js developer. Regularly provide feedback, discuss progress, and address any concerns that may arise.

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