About Wisemonk

We are on a mission to enable businesses harness the power of a global workforce by simplifying international talent operations

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Wisemonk simplifies your global talent expansion journey

At the heart of your expansion efforts, Wisemonk stands firm, embodying values of integrity, innovation, and inclusion. Our mission is to build bridges, not boundaries, in the global talent landscape, ensuring your growth journey is effortless and successful.

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The story behind our company

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Values that drive our company

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Fueling creative solutions to drive global expansion

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Embracing change to thrive in the dynamic world of international business

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Championing a culture where every voice matters and is adressed

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Striving for unparalleled service and quality in all we do

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Upholding honesty and transparency in all our operations

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Fostering partnerships for shared success in global markets

What our customers say

Founders, Leaders and HR heads of fast growing startups across US, Europe, SEA and Oceania love our services

Testimonial from Krishna Ramachandran, Onform

“I highly recommend them”

Wisemonk helped us tap into the vibrant and top-notch Indian talent market and hire our first couple of founding engineers in record time. We've been able to accelerate our roadmap and deliver terrific value to our customers thanks to Wisemonk's efforts. They are easy to work with and very transparent about the process. I highly recommend them to any company looking for talent located in India.

Krishna Ramachandran
Co-founder, Onform Inc.
Testimonial from Krishna Ramachandran, Onform

“Process was professional & very smooth”

We've worked with Wisemonk to source developers in India and it's worked incredibly well for us. We are very pleased with the talent of the developers and the Wisemonk process was professional and very smooth. We highly recommend using Wisemonk for talent sourcing!

Gear Fisher
Co-founder, Startup (Boston)

The team behind Wisemonk

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Come and join our amazing team

Come And Join Our
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Come and join our amazing team

Start using the CRM platform of the future, today.

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