Nov 21, 2023

How to Hire iPhone developers in Delhi

In this blog, we provide you all information on how to hire iPhone Developers in the Delhi region for your short-term and long-term projects.

How to Hire iPhone developers in Delhi


Following our previous blog on Hiring iPhone Developers in Bangalore, we now turn our attention to the second-largest iPhone developer talent hub, Delhi. This guide delves into the thriving iOS developer community in Delhi, offering valuable insights into the talent available in this vibrant city. We'll examine the companies actively recruiting iOS professionals in the region, analyze the profiles of these talents, including their experience levels and salary expectations. As always, we'll conclude with a step-by-step guide for companies seeking to hire developer talent in the Delhi area.

Key Insights on iOS talent in Delhi-based product companies

  • According to our analysis, most of the iOS talent in these companies is SDE2, with an experience of 2 to 4 years. This experience range typically shows that companies value developers who have moved past the beginner level and have actual hands-on experience working on projects, making them skilled at coming up with solutions and working well with their teams. A similar trend is also seen in other engineering skill sets.
  • The top companies with the highest number of iPhone developers in Delhi are PayTM, Zomato, Oyo, and Urban Company. These companies are a good choice to look at when hiring iOS developers in Delhi.

Hiring iOS Developers in Delhi: Approaches for Short-Term and Long-Term Employment

When seeking iOS developers in Delhi, it's essential to have a clear strategy that considers both short-term and long-term employment needs. Delhi's dynamic tech landscape offers a multitude of opportunities for businesses looking to build or expand their iOS development teams. Below, we explore two distinct approaches for hiring iOS developers in Delhi, depending on your project's duration and goals.

Short-Term Contract-Based Hiring


  • Flexibility: Short-term contracts are ideal for specific project requirements or tight deadlines. You can scale your team up or down as needed.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Hiring on a contract basis may be more cost-effective for short-duration projects, as you avoid long-term commitments.
  • Access to Specialized Skills: You can tap into specialized iOS development skills for particular tasks without the overhead of permanent hires.


  • Define Project Scope: Clearly outline the scope, goals, and timeline of your project. Identify specific iOS development tasks that need to be completed.
  • Identify Skill Requirements: Based on your project's needs, identify the specific iOS development skills and technologies required.
  • Engage Freelancers or Contract Developers: Delhi has a vibrant community of freelance iOS developers and contract-based development firms. Leverage platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or local job portals to find suitable candidates.
  • Evaluate Portfolios: Review the portfolios of potential candidates to assess their previous iOS projects and expertise.
  • Agree on Terms: Draft clear, concise contracts that outline project deliverables, timelines, payment terms, and intellectual property rights.


  • Mobile App Launch: A startup in Delhi plans to launch a mobile app to coincide with a major marketing campaign. They hire a freelance iOS developer for a three-month contract to quickly develop and optimize the app for the campaign's launch. Once the campaign concludes, they no longer require the developer's services.
  • Bug Fixing and Maintenance: An e-commerce company in Delhi identifies critical bugs in their iOS app that need immediate attention. They contract an experienced iOS developer for a short-term engagement to address these issues and ensure the app's stability. Once the bugs are resolved, the contract ends.
  • Seasonal Features: A Delhi-based fitness app company wants to add new features for a seasonal fitness challenge. They hire a contract iOS developer to work on these features for a specific three-month period. Once the challenge concludes, they no longer require the developer's services, but they may rehire for the next seasonal event.

Long-Term Employment


  • Consistency: Long-term employment provides stability and ensures a dedicated iOS development team for ongoing projects and app maintenance.
  • In-Depth Collaboration: Developers become intimately familiar with your business, goals, and app architecture, fostering more effective collaboration.
  • Skill Development: Employees have the opportunity to continually enhance their iOS development skills, benefiting your projects over time.


  • Plan for Growth: Consider your long-term app development needs and how they align with your business goals. Determine if you require a full-time or part-time iOS developer or a complete development team.
  • Recruitment Process: Engage in a thorough recruitment process, which may involve posting job openings on job boards, collaborating with recruitment agencies, or leveraging personal networks.
  • Technical Interviews: Conduct technical interviews to assess candidates' iOS development skills, problem-solving abilities, and compatibility with your team.
  • Onboarding and Training: Invest in a comprehensive onboarding process and provide ongoing training opportunities to ensure your iOS developers remain up-to-date with the latest technologies.
  • Employee Benefits: Offer competitive compensation packages, including salary, benefits, and career growth opportunities, to attract and retain top iOS talent.


  • Product Development Team: A Delhi-based tech company is developing a complex mobile app that will require continuous updates and improvements. They hire a full-time iOS developer to be a core part of their in-house development team. This developer will be responsible for ongoing feature development, bug fixes, and app optimization.
  • Startup Growth: A growing Delhi startup specializing in educational technology decides to build its own iOS app. They hire a dedicated iOS developer as a permanent employee to lead the app's development. The developer will be involved in the app's evolution as the startup scales.
  • App Maintenance and Updates: A well-established e-commerce company in Delhi has a popular iOS app with millions of users. They employ a team of iOS developers to ensure the app's continuous improvement, provide regular updates, and address user feedback to maintain high user satisfaction.

In the upcoming sections, we will explore the common challenges faced by global hiring managers when embarking on their initial efforts to hire iPhone developers. These challenges are not limited to Delhi or India but are prevalent in a broader context. The challenges include:

  • Navigating the selection of the correct industry
  • Establishing accurate salary benchmarks for prospective talent
  • Identifying suitable companies to include in the hiring process
  • Establishing an efficient and effective recruitment procedure

Total iPhone Developers in Delhi

Our research shows that the total number of iPhone developers in Delhi is over 45,000. As per our estimates, approximately 9,000 iPhone developers are working for various product companies in the Delhi region. 

List of Product Companies that Hire Dedicated iOS Developers in Delhi

Here is a list of the product companies based in Delhi that hire iOS Developers.

product companies based in Delhi that hire iOS Developers.

We will now explore how the iPhone talent is distributed (by experience) across the top product companies (E.g., PayTM, Oyo, Zomato, Urban Company) mentioned in the above list. It's important to note that the analysis relies on data accessible up to 14th September 2023, and this landscape might shift due to the addition of new engineers and the departure of existing professionals within these companies.

distribution of iOS talent by experience in Delhi based product companies.

Our research shows that a significant number of iOS developers in Delhi-based companies are at the SDE2 level, with an average professional experience of 2 to 4 years. This indicates the high regard that product companies have for iOS developers who have transitioned from junior levels and gained hands-on experience by actively working on projects. They show the ability to come up with effective solutions and collaborate easily within the engineering team. Not only this, but these experienced developers consistently stay abreast of the latest industry trends, security protocols, and updates within the iOS ecosystem. By doing so, they facilitate companies staying updated with cutting-edge technology, thus fostering innovation and competitiveness.

Salaries and Compensation

Following are the salary levels of iPhone Developers at Top Product Companies in the Delhi region.

salaries of iOS developers in FTE roles in Delhi (INR)
salaries of iOS developers in FTE roles in Delhi (USD)

On average, iOS developers typically get annual salary hikes ranging from 10% to 25%, which are contingent on their individual performance and the company's policies. However, the extent of these appraisal increases can vary significantly based on the specific company and the candidate's performance, with exceptional performers sometimes receiving up to 60% increments.

When considering a job switch, candidates have the potential to negotiate for a salary hike between 15% and 60%, depending on their performance and the new company's policies. It is crucial to understand that these numbers can vary significantly and depend on a number of variables, including the candidate's experience, the company's financial situation, and the state of the labor market at the time of the transition.

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