Nov 21, 2023

How to Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers in Bangalore

In this blog, we provide you all information on how to hire Flutter Developers in the Bangalore region for your short-term and long-term projects.

How to Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers in Bangalore

The Growing Demand for Flutter Development

Flutter, an open-source UI software development toolkit from Google, has gained immense popularity in the tech industry. Its ability to create natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase has made it a game-changer. Here are some reasons for the soaring demand:

  • Cross-Platform Versatility: Flutter's "write once, run anywhere" approach significantly reduces development time and costs. It allows you to target both iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase.
  • High Performance: Flutter apps are known for their high-performance capabilities, providing smooth animations and a responsive user interface.
  • Fast Development: The hot reload feature in Flutter enables developers to see the immediate impact of code changes, speeding up the development process.

When it comes to building mobile applications, especially those requiring a seamless and visually appealing user interface, Flutter has emerged as the go-to framework. However, finding and hiring dedicated Flutter developers can be a challenging endeavor. To help companies looking to hire Flutter talent, we have published relevant articles on Where do Flutter developers work in India and also showcased how Indian companies are pushing past engineering bottlenecks with Flutter, indicating the rich talent that is present in India. In this guide, we will zoom in on the Bangalore market and see how the Flutter talent landscape looks in more detail.

Flutter Talent Landscape in Bangalore

Bangalore, often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of India," is a thriving tech hub with a pool of talented software developers. Choosing Bangalore as your hiring destination offers numerous advantages:

  • Abundance of Tech Talent: Bangalore boasts a vast pool of skilled tech professionals, including proficient Flutter developers. This abundance of talent makes it easier to find individuals with the specific skills your project requires.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: While offering high-quality talent, Bangalore remains a cost-effective choice compared to many Western tech hubs. You can save significantly on development costs without compromising on quality.
  • Time Zone Compatibility: Bangalore's time zone often aligns well with clients in Europe and the Americas, making collaboration and communication more efficient.

Total Flutter Developers in Bangalore

Our research shows that the total number of Flutter developers in Bangalore is over 18,000. As per our estimates, approximately 3,500 Flutter developers are working for various product companies in the Bangalore region. 

total flutter developers in Bangalore

List of Product Companies that Hire Flutter Developers in Bangalore

Here is a list of the product companies based in Bangalore that hire Flutter Developers.

List of Product Companies that Hire Flutter Developers in Bangalore

Let us understand how the Flutter talent is distributed (by experience) across the top product companies (E.g., Gojek, Amazon, Flipkart) mentioned in the above list. It's important to note that the analysis is done on data collected as of 6th September 2023, and this landscape might shift due to the addition of new engineers and the departure of existing professionals within these companies.

distribution of flutter talent (by experience) across product companies

Key Insights on Flutter talent in product companies based out of Bangalore

  • The share of Flutter talent varies across companies and industries. For the companies analysed, we find it ranges from 1% to 5% of the total engineering workforce (this is relatively lower than the share of other skills such as Node.js, ReactJS, and JavaScript developers in the region).
  • According to our analysis, most of the Flutter talent in these companies is SDE2, with an experience of 2 to 4 years. This experience range typically shows that companies value developers who have moved past the beginner level and have actual hands-on experience working on projects, making them skilled at coming up with solutions and working well with their teams. A similar trend is also seen in other skillset such as Node.js, and ReactJS.
  • Amazon (170+) has the highest number of Flutter developers in Bangalore. This makes Amazon a very good choice for companies looking to recruit Flutter talent out of Bangalore.

Hiring Flutter Developers in Bangalore: Approaches for Short-Term and Long-Term Employment

When it comes to developing mobile applications with Flutter, businesses often face the critical decision of how to structure their development team. Bangalore offers an abundance of talent for hiring Flutter developers. However, choosing between short-term contractors and long-term dedicated talent depends on the specific needs and goals of your project. In this guide, we'll explore both approaches and provide examples of when each is the right choice for global companies.

Hiring Flutter Developers as Full-time Dedicated Talent

Long-term employment of dedicated Flutter developers offers several advantages in the following scenarios:

  • Ongoing Development Needs: If your project requires continuous development, updates, and maintenance, hiring dedicated Flutter developers is a sustainable choice. They become an integral part of your team, ensuring consistency and reliability.
  • Complex Projects: Complex applications that demand intricate Flutter development, regular codebase improvements, and in-depth understanding of the product benefit from full-time dedicated developers. They can fully immerse themselves in the project, resulting in higher quality and faster progress.
  • Collaboration and Innovation: When your goal is to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, having dedicated talent ensures a cohesive team environment. These developers contribute not only to development but also to long-term strategic planning.

Use cases to consider hiring dedicated, full-time Flutter developers:

  • A healthcare technology company is building a telemedicine platform with Flutter. As the platform evolves and expands, they hire dedicated Flutter developers to provide ongoing support, updates, and feature enhancements.
  • A financial institution is building a secure mobile banking app using Flutter. Given the app's complexity and the need for continuous security updates, they hire dedicated Flutter developers to maintain the highest standards of quality and security.
  • A global tech company wants to stay at the forefront of mobile app innovation. They hire dedicated Flutter developers to experiment with new features and design paradigms, consistently enhancing their product's user experience.

Salaries and Compensation for Full-Time Roles:

Following are the salary levels of Flutter Developers at Top Product Companies in the Bangalore region.

dedicated flutter developer salaries in Bangalore-based product companies (INR)
dedicated flutter developer salaries in Bangalore-based product companies (USD)

On average, Flutter developers typically get annual salary hikes ranging from 10% to 20%, which are contingent on their individual performance and the company's policies. However, the extent of these appraisal increases can vary significantly based on the specific company and the candidate's performance, with exceptional performers sometimes receiving up to 50% increments.

When considering a job switch, candidates have the potential to negotiate for a salary hike between 10% and 25%, depending on their performance and the new company's policies. It is crucial to understand that these numbers can vary significantly and depend on a number of variables, including the candidate's experience, the company's financial situation, and the state of the labor market at the time of the transition.

If you are planning to hire dedicated Flutter developer talent and are interested to know more, reach out to us and we will be happy to help you out.

Hiring Flutter Developers as Contractors

Short-term contracting for Flutter development can be a strategic choice under the following circumstances:

  • Project-Based Development: If you have a specific project with a well-defined scope and timeline, hiring Flutter developers as contractors can be cost-effective. They can join the project for its duration, ensuring you have the expertise required without committing to long-term employment.
  • Skill Augmentation: When you have an in-house development team but lack expertise in Flutter, contractors can be brought in to bridge the skill gap temporarily. They can work alongside your team, sharing their knowledge and helping complete Flutter-related tasks.
  • Budget Constraints: For projects with budget constraints or limited funding, hiring contractors provides flexibility. You can access specialized talent without the overhead costs associated with full-time employees.

Use cases to consider hiring contractual Flutter developers:

  • A global e-commerce giant is launching a seasonal shopping app for a limited-time promotion. Hiring Flutter developers as contractors allows them to scale up quickly, complete the project, and scale down once it's finished, avoiding unnecessary long-term commitments.
  • A software company with an existing development team wants to incorporate Flutter into their product suite. They hire Flutter contractors to train their in-house developers and implement the framework for a specific project.
  • A startup with a limited budget needs to develop a prototype of their mobile app quickly. They hire Flutter contractors to create a functional prototype within a fixed budget.

Steps to Hiring Flutter Developers for Short-Term Projects

For global hiring managers seeking to recruit Flutter developers for short-term projects, considering freelancers or contractors is a wise choice. Here are steps to identify suitable candidates and effectively evaluate their skills:

Exploring Freelance Platforms

Begin by exploring prominent freelance platforms that host a diverse pool of talent. Some platforms to consider include:

  • Upwork
  • Flexiple
  • Toptal
  • Turing
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour

Crafting a Clear Job Description

It's essential to create a clear and concise job description that outlines the project's scope, objectives, required skills, and expected deliverables. A well-crafted job description will attract freelancers who are a good fit for your project.

Utilizing Search Filters

Leverage the search filters available on freelance platforms to narrow down your search. Specify skills such as Flutter and Dart, location preferences like Bangalore, the project budget, and the duration.

Reviewing Portfolios and Ratings

Thoroughly examine candidates' profiles and portfolios. Pay particular attention to their past Flutter projects that align with your needs. Consider client reviews and ratings to assess the quality of their work.

Evaluating Proposals

Assess the quality of the candidates' proposals. Well-written proposals demonstrate that freelancers have taken the time to understand your project and possess the necessary skills.

Ensuring Availability and Timelines

Confirm that freelancers are available to work within your project's specified timeframe. Short-term projects often require quick turnarounds, making freelancer availability crucial.

Negotiating Contracts and Payments

Once you've identified the ideal freelancer, draft a contract detailing project specifics, deliverables, timelines, payment terms, and other relevant information. Discuss the budget and any specific requirements. Consider using escrow and milestone payment systems for added security.

Maintaining Communication

Maintain regular communication with the freelancer throughout the project. Address questions, provide feedback, and ensure the project stays on track.

How to Find and Hire the Best Flutter Developers in Bangalore

Here's a step-by-step guide for global hiring managers looking to hire top Flutter developers in Bangalore:

Defining Project Requirements

Before initiating the hiring process, clearly outline your project requirements, including scope, features, and required technologies. This will help you identify the specific skills and experience needed for a Flutter developer.

Creating a Comprehensive Job Description

Draft a detailed job description that outlines the responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and experience requirements for a Flutter developer. Specify the types of projects they will work on and the relevant technologies.

Choosing a Hiring Platform or Agency

Decide where to post your job listing, whether on job boards (Naukri, Indeed, LinkedIn), freelance websites (Upwork, Freelancer), tech-specific platforms (GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow Jobs), or through professional talent agencies like Wisemonk.

Reviewing Applications

As applications come in, review resumes and portfolios to shortlist candidates matching your criteria. Look for relevant experience, skills, and previous Flutter projects.

Conducting Initial Interviews

Conduct phone or video interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Inquire about their experience, technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and Flutter knowledge.

Technical Assessment

Consider conducting a technical assessment or coding test to evaluate candidates' coding proficiency and grasp of Flutter. This helps gauge their problem-solving abilities.

In-Person or Virtual Interviews

Invite top candidates for in-person or virtual interviews, delving deeper into their past projects, architectural decisions, and problem-solving approaches.

Assessing Soft Skills and Cultural Fit

Evaluate candidates' communication skills, teamwork, and cultural fit within your organization, ensuring a harmonious working relationship.

Reference Checks

Contact provided references to verify candidates' work history and performance in previous roles.

Offer and Negotiation

Extend a job offer to the chosen candidate, being open to negotiating salary, benefits, and other terms to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Onboarding and Integration

Facilitate the onboarding process, providing the necessary tools, resources, and access for the developer to seamlessly start working on projects.

Setting Expectations

Clarify expectations, roles, and responsibilities from the beginning to establish a clear understanding between you and the developer.

Continuous Feedback and Communication

Maintain open communication with your Flutter developer, regularly offering feedback and addressing any concerns that may arise.

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