Node.js Salary in India: What should you pay your Employees?

Learn about Node.js developer salaries in India. Discover differences between product and service companies, salary levels, and hiring strategies for tech talent. Get insights now!

Node.js Salary in India: What should you pay your Employees?

India, with its vast pool of tech talent, stands out as a strategic location for sourcing Node.js developers. Companies worldwide look to India for skilled professionals who can navigate the complexities of modern web development. The challenge lies in managing expectations and identifying candidates who possess technical proficiency and align with the specific demands of projects.

In our blog series, we have explored the various aspects of hiring Node.js talent in India. In this blog, we will delve deeper into an important aspect of hiring node.js developers in India - the costs involved. The blog will help you navigate Node.js developer salaries in India, different tech hubs in India, and the difference between service and product companies for salary levels and skill sets.

Node.js Developer Salaries in India

The compensation for Node.js developers in India significantly varies based on the type of company they work for and their relevant experience within that sector or industry.

Salary Levels by Experience Range

The table and accompanying graphs provided below offer a detailed comparison of the minimum and maximum salaries for Node.js developers in full-time roles, differentiated between product and service companies within India. For enhanced clarity, salary figures are presented in both Indian Rupees (INR) and US Dollars (USD).

(Note: The actual table and graphs are not included in this response but should be envisioned as part of a comprehensive report or article providing these insights.

  • For all designations, product-based companies consistently exhibit higher salaries compared to service companies.
  • Notably, the graphs reveal that entry-level roles, such as SDE 1 or SDE 2, exhibit the most significant divergence in salaries between product and service companies (more than 100%). Given that product-based companies pay significantly more for these positions, this suggests that the choice of employer is a major consideration factor for individuals entering the workforce.
  • While product companies offer higher earning potential, service companies tend to provide more stable salary ranges. The minimum and maximum salaries for Node.js developers in service companies show less fluctuation across different designations, which could be attributed to standardized salary structures and more predictable compensation levels.

Spotlight on India's Top Node.js Talent in Product Companies

Here’s a handpicked selection of 10 profiles from India's premier product companies, we aim to shed light on the compensation, geographical presence, and experience levels among leading Node.js talent. These insights are designed to equip global companies with a clearer picture of the competitive landscape and talent pool in Node.js development to help make well-informed decisions.

Company Employee Details
Sr. No. Current Company Current Designation Location Current Salary (USD) # Experience
1 Amazon Software Development Engineer Bangalore 20,625 2 years 5 months
2 Ola Software Engineer Bangalore 22,500 2 years 8 months
3 Ola Full Stack Developer Kolkata 22,500 5 years 0 months
4 Amazon Software Engineer Gurgaon 22,500 2 years 6 months
5 Ola Software Development Engineer II Chennai 22,875 2 years 0 months
6 Amazon SDE 2 Bangalore 37,500 5 years 0 months
7 Flipkart Software Development Engineer 2 Noida 38,188 5 years 7 months
8 Swiggy Software Development Engineer II Bangalore 41,250 3 years 8 months
9 Flipkart Software Engineer Bangalore 41,250 5 years 0 months
10 Flipkart Software Engineer Gurgaon 42,500 3 years 4 months
11 Amazon Software Engineer 2 Bangalore 43,750 5 years 0 months


Salaries for Node.js developers vary greatly depending on their experience, the type of company they work for, and the specific technologies they're proficient in. Product-based companies tend to offer higher salaries, especially for roles that require expertise in cutting-edge technologies and the ability to handle complex projects. This disparity underscores the importance of understanding the market and aligning hiring strategies accordingly.

For global remote businesses looking to hire Node.js talent in India, the key takeaways are clear: invest in understanding the nuances of the local tech ecosystem, prioritize technical proficiency and versatility in candidates, and consider the broader implications of salary structures when planning your recruitment.

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