How to Hire Android Developers in Delhi

In this blog, we provide you all information on how to hire Android Developers in the Delhi region for your short-term and long-term projects.

How to Hire Android Developers in Delhi


Following our previous blog on How to Hire Android Developers in India, we now zoom in on specific cities that have the most Android developer talent. In this blog, we will look at Delhi and explore the talent landscape of Android developers in the region.

Key Insights on Android talent in Delhi-based product companies

  • According to our analysis, most of the Android talent in these companies is SDE2, with an experience of 2 to 4 years. This experience range typically shows that companies value developers who have moved past the beginner level and have actual hands-on experience working on projects, making them skilled at coming up with solutions and working well with their teams. A similar trend is also seen in other engineering skill sets.
  • The top companies with the highest number of Android developers in Delhi are PayTM, Zomato, Oyo, and Urban Company. These companies are a good choice to look at when hiring Android developers in Delhi.

Hiring Android Developers in Delhi: Approaches for Short-Term and Long-Term Employment

When hiring Android developers in Delhi, it is crucial to have a strategy that considers both short- and long-term employment requirements. There are numerous opportunities for businesses seeking to establish or expand their Android development teams in Delhi's dynamic tech scene. Below, we examine two distinct strategies for hiring Android developers in Delhi, contingent on the duration and objectives of your project.

Short-Term Contract-Based Hiring


  • Short-term contracts are optimal for specific project requirements or timeframes. You can increase or decrease your team size as required.
  • Hiring on a contract basis may be more cost-effective for short-duration initiatives, as long-term commitments are avoided.
  • You can access Android development specialists for specific projects without incurring the costs associated with permanent employment.


  • Define Project Scope: Clearly delineate the project's scope, objectives, and timeline. Determine which Android development duties must be completed.
  • Determine Required Skills: Identify the specific Android development skills and technologies required based on the requirements of your project.
  • Employ Freelancers or Contract Developers: There is a thriving community of Android freelance developers and contract-based development companies in Delhi. Utilize platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and local job portals to locate qualified candidates.
  • Evaluate Portfolios: Examine the portfolios of prospective candidates to evaluate their Android experience and past undertakings.
  • Acceptable Terms: Contracts should be plain and concise, outlining deliverables, timelines, payment terms, and intellectual property rights.


  • A startup in US intends to release a mobile application to coincide with a major marketing campaign. They employ a freelance Android developer for a three-month contract to develop and optimize the app prior to the launch of the campaign. They no longer require the developer's services after the campaign concludes.
  • A Dubai-based e-commerce company identifies critical flaws in their Android application that require immediate attention. To resolve these issues and guarantee the app's stability, they hire an experienced Android developer for a short-term engagement. Once the problems have been fixed, the contract will expire.
  • A Singapore-based fitness app developer wishes to introduce seasonal features for a fitness competition. A contract Android developer is hired to work on these features for a period of three months. Once the challenge concludes, they are no longer in need of the developer's services, but they may rehire for the following seasonal event.

Long-Term Employment


  • Long-term employment guarantees a dedicated Android development team for ongoing initiatives and app maintenance.
  • Developers become intimately acquainted with your business, objectives, and app architecture, fostering more effective collaboration.
  • Employees have the opportunity to continuously improve their Android development skills, which will benefit your initiatives over time.


  • Consider your long-term app development requirements and how they align with your business objectives. Determine if you need a full-time or part-time Android developer or a complete development team.
  • Engage in a comprehensive recruitment process, which may include posting job openings on job boards, collaborating with recruitment agencies, and utilizing personal networks.
  • Conduct technical interviews to evaluate the Android development skills, problem-solving abilities, and team compatibility of candidates.
  • Invest in a comprehensive onboarding process and offer continuous training opportunities to ensure that your Android developers are current with the latest technologies.
  • Offer competitive compensation packages, including salary, benefits, and opportunities for career advancement, to attract and retain top Android talent.


  • A Canada-based technology company is developing a complex mobile application that will require continuous updates and enhancements. They employ a full-time Android developer as an essential member of their internal development team. This developer will be responsible for the development of new features, problem fixes, and app optimization.
  • An upcoming Australian-based startup specializing in educational technology decides to develop its own Android application. They recruit an Android developer as a full-time employee to oversee the app's development. As the firm grows, the developer will participate in the evolution of the application.
  • A well-established e-commerce company in US with millions of Android consumers has a popular Android app. They employ a team of Android developers to ensure the app's continuous enhancement, provide frequent updates, and respond to user feedback in order to maintain a high level of user satisfaction.

In the next few sections, we'll talk about the most common problems that global hiring managers face when they first try to hire Android developers. These problems aren't just in Delhi or India; they happen all over the world. Among the problems are:

  • How to Choose the Right Business Sector?
  • Setting accurate salary benchmarks for potential candidates 
  • Finding good companies to include in the hiring process 
  • Setting up an efficient and effective hiring process

Total Android Developers in Delhi

Our research shows that the total number of iPhone developers in Delhi is over 1,30,000. As per our estimates, approximately 15% to 20% of these Android developers are working for various product companies in the Delhi region. 

List of Product Companies that Hire Dedicated Android Developers in Delhi

Here is a list of the product companies based in Delhi that hire Android Developers.

product companies based in Delhi that hire Android Developers.

We will now explore how the Android talent is distributed (by experience) across the top product companies (E.g., PayTM, Oyo, Zomato, Urban Company) mentioned in the above list. It's important to note that the analysis relies on data accessible up to 14th September 2023, and this landscape might shift due to the addition of new engineers and the departure of existing professionals within these companies.

distribution of Android talent by experience in Delhi

Our study shows that a large number of Android developers in companies in Delhi are at the SDE2 level and have an average of 2–4 years of work experience. This shows how much companies value Android developers who have moved up from the beginner level and got hands-on experience by working on projects. Experienced Android developers are always a good choice when it comes to good ideation or working in a diverse engineering team. Not only that, but these experienced developers are always up to date on the latest industry trends, security protocols, and updates in the Android environment. By doing this, they make it easier for businesses to keep up with the latest technology.

Salaries and Compensation

Following are the salary levels of Android Developers at Top Product Companies in the Delhi region.

salaries of Android developers in FTE roles in Delhi (INR)
salaries of Android developers in FTE roles in Delhi (USD)

Average annual salary increases for Android developers are between 10% and 20%, depending on how well they do their jobs and how the business runs. But the size of these raises can vary a lot depending on the company and the candidate's performance, with exceptional performers sometimes getting as much as a 50% raise.

When looking for a new job, candidates may be able to negotiate for a 10% to 25% pay raise based on how well they've done and how the new company does business. It is important to know that these numbers can change a lot and rely on a number of factors, such as the experience of the candidate, the financial situation of the company, and the state of the job market at the time of the transition.

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