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Choose the right solution for your needs


/ contractor / month

Onboard and pay Indian contractors in 30+ countries

What’s included?
Self-serve Contractor platform:
Sign compliant contracts with clients, Raise & send invoices instantly
Get international receiving accounts for accepting local payments from clients
Unlimited payouts and clients
Get your monthly fee waived off for months in which you get paid more than $500

Payroll services

In case you have your own entity in India, we will manage all your payroll ops

What's included:
Centralised payroll management with one click payment disbursements
Custom Employee benefits tailored for each country
Employee portal for accessing payslips and declarations
Integrations with existing HRMS, Expense, Payroll software
Consultations with our in-house HR and legal experts
Dedicated account managmeent support

Frequently asked questions

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Is there a minimum requirement for the number of employees or contractors?

No, there is no minimum requirement when working with Wisemonk. Whether you need to hire one employee or a thousand, we are here to assist you in scaling your workforce.

Is Wisemonk more cost-effective compared to other solutions?

Yes, Wisemonk offers a more affordable solution compared to other options, including setting up your own entity. While the average price for other EOR providers like Deel and Remote starts at $599 per employee per month, our services begin at just $249 per employee per month.

Are there any charges for onboarding or setup?

No, there are no onboarding or setup fees with Wisemonk. What you see is what you get, and we strive to keep our services transparent and straightforward.

In which countries are Wisemonk services available?

Wisemonk offers its solutions in more than 30 countries across APAC, Europe, and the Americas. Please contact us on hello@wisemonk.io for more information

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